Risks of Buying a Used Car From A Private Seller

Risks of Buying Your Car From a Private Seller | SchuCar

There are lots of different ways to buy a used car, but some come with a lot more risk than others. Buying from a private seller can sometimes be tempting, as private sellers will likely be asking for a lower price. That doesn’t always remain true once you’ve secured financing, but the appeal is still understandable. But there is more to consider when buying a used car than just the price, and these can often be much more important to your ownership experience. We’ve put together the following guide to some of the most important of those factors.

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Risk #1: Who is going to stand behind your purchase?

Once money has changed hands, and a private seller has handed over the keys, what do you do when the Check Engine light illuminates the next day? What about when it doesn’t start once you get it home, or something even worse? Even assuming that the seller didn’t know about the problem and didn’t intentionally withhold any information, there is nothing that requires them to do anything about it. Buying from a dealership adds accountability to the car buying process, and that’s a very good thing.

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Risk #2: The Private Seller isn’t going to take your car on trade.

Buying from a private seller has the unfortunate side effect of turning you into a private seller yourself. A dealership will simply take your old car as a trade-in and give you it’s value as a credit toward the car you’re buying, but when you’re buying for a private seller, they won’t have any use for your old car, so you’re going to have to find a way to sell it yourself. This is, at best, a huge hassle, and not something you’d have to worry about when shopping at a dealership.

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Risk #3: The information about the vehicle is incorrect.

This is related to the first point, in that there is a lack of accountability with private sellers. An incorrect vehicle history doesn’t even have to be intentional, it’s possible that the private seller themselves bought a vehicle with an incorrect history and didn’t even realize it. At its most extreme, you could even – unknowingly – be purchasing a stolen vehicle. At the very least, verifying the history and getting the vehicle inspected is a time-consuming and often expensive process.

Buying A Used Vehicle From SchuCar

Buying from a dealership is a great way to avoid the problems we’ve laid out here, but buying from SchuCar is a notch above even that. SchuCar isn’t just a used vehicle dealership, it is part of the Schumacher Auto Group, which includes 5 franchised Chevrolet dealerships that have been serving New Jersey car shoppers for nearly 100 years. SchuCar goes beyond just being a better place to buy than a private seller, it beats competing dealerships as well.