Used Car Buying Advice From The Federal Trade Commission

Used Car Buying Advice From The Federal Trade Commission

Shopping for a used vehicle can be a difficult process. Pricing has significantly more variables for new vehicles, and the availability of models and options isn’t always ideal. To help with this, the Federal Trade Commission published a used car buying guide, which gives some good information on what to look for at various points in the car buying process. The focus is less on kicking tires and more on what to look for in a dealership and how to assess their buying process. We’re focusing on this guide because it’s from an independent source whose sole role is to protect consumers.

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Used Car Buying Advice From The FTC

The guide from the FTC is succinct and easy to understand, you can see for yourself here. It breaks down the process into several categories with key things to look for when you’re shopping for a reliable dealership. Here at SchuCar, we agree that these are important factors, and here are the main points from the guide:

Buyers Guide –This is one of the first things mentioned by the FTC, and is a legal requirement. We provide them at SchuCar, but if you’re dealing with another dealership that doesn’t provide them, that should be your first red flag. A dealership that can’t meet this minimum legal requirement would be a very questionable place.

Online Access To Carfax Reports –This is essentially an extension of the Buyers Guide, a report on the condition of the vehicle and its service history. SchuCar links to these reports right from the online vehicle description, no need to put in any personal information or go hunting for the report elsewhere.

Clear Financing –Pricing at SchuCar is clear, and things like taxes, delivery fees (if applicable), and the amount needed for a down payment are all listed clearly. There is also a tool for calculating monthly payments, and there is even information on the Kelley Blue Book ratings and pricing information.

5-Day Exchange Policy –The FTC guide makes mention of the fact that a 3-day return policy is a normal, but not a legal requirement. Schucar goes beyond what is normal and offers a 5-day / 500-mile exchange window. Just to be sure that you’re totally satisfied.

3rd Party Inspection –In the words of the FTC guide “If a dealer won’t allow an independent inspection, consider going to another dealer.” This is pretty straightforward, a third-party inspection gives a massive boost to a buyer’s confidence, as it’s the most reliable way to verify what the dealer says about the vehicle. SchuCar is happy to allow this, but not every dealer will.

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Buy With Confidence At SchuCar

The fact that the FTC had to make this guide in the first place tells you that not all used car dealerships are the same. But we’re highlighting it here because the way we sell vehicles is already in line with the FTC’s guidelines, and we think that you’ll appreciate the upfront and transparent shopping experience here.So browse our selection and see what we can help you drive away with today.